Why Not just replace the 0ld concrete?

Benefits of Concrete Repair
Concrete Replacement

  • Less than 1/2 the cost of replacement

  • No damage to grass or landscaping

  • Work done in hours (not days)

  • No color change in the concrete

  • Walk on immediately; drive on in 4-6 hrs

  • Do you have settled concrete that is a tripping hazard?
  • A concrete driveway that stops your snowblower and jars your teeth?
  • A pool patio that breaks your toes?
  • A garage floor that drains toward your house?
  • Getting ready to sell a home with an unsightly sidewalk or patio?

These problems can be repaired by our concrete lifting foam process.

We drill small, dime sized, holes through the concrete and inject specially formulated polyurethane foam under the slab. This liquid foam fills all the voids under the slab and as it expands it lifts the slab and further compacts the ground below it to minimize the probability of future settling.

Jacking concrete with polyurethane is better than the traditional mudjacking process for two primary reasons. First, the foam used weighs about 2 pounds per cubic foot, whereas the slurry used in mud jacking weighs about 100 pounds per cubic foot. Using foam significantly lessens the weight that could cause future settling. Second, after the foam is installed it becomes an inert plastic and it can't be washed away by water which is a primary cause of concrete settling.

Concrete Leveling Applications
  • Concrete Driveway Repair
  • Garage Floor
  • Concrete Sidewalk Repair
  • Warehouse Floor
  • Pool Patio
  • Solid Concrete Steps
  • Generator Pad
  • Boat Launch Pad
  • Highways
  • Runways
  • Bridge Approach
  • Void Fill
  • Concrete Joint Stabilization
  • Boat Ramp (Yes, Under Water!)
  • If it's solid, we can likely level it



This concrete sidewalk repair needed to be lifted a full brick on the left side and 1-1/2 bricks on the right side. Using  polyurethane foam we were able to change this from a 12 inch drop off to an 8 inch step and level it from side-to-side.

Concrete Slab Repair


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